Lumineers® are very thin porcelain coverings that are bonded to the enamel to change colour, shape, and/or alignment. Unlike traditional veneers little or no enamel is removed. In this case no enamel was removed, and patients can choose how white they will be. (Note that we did some gum re-contouring between the two front teeth with the laser.)

Smile Makeover of a Dentist

This dentist wanted his smile to be enhanced. I did this using Empress® restorations. Empress® has no metal substructure and therefore no metal.

Beautify with Two Empress Veneers

Note the two large older fillings. These were replaced with Empress® veneers (two appointments, two weeks apart).

Cracked Tooth Replaced with an Implant

This tooth had a root canal, a post and buildup and a crown. Unfortunately, the root had cracked and needed extraction. The implant was placed immediately after the extraction. Note that the implant is longer than her existing root.

Extraction with Immediate Implant

This tooth had broken at the gum level. An implant was the best choice of treatment (otherwise, the neighbouring bridge would need to be redone). The series of photos show the extraction, healing abutment, impression abutment, and final crown.

Extraction with Immediate Implant 2

Another example of immediate implant placement following the extraction of an un-restorable tooth.

Impacted Baby Tooth

This is to show that sometimes baby teeth do not fall out by themselves. This person waited too long and the baby molar became impacted under the gums. I had to remove it. Leaving it too long can affect the adult teeth.

Replacing Older Large Fillings

Here I strengthened the tooth with an onlay (not a crown). First case replaced an amalgam. Second case a plastic filling. An onlay is more conservative because we keep as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Another Example of Replacing Older Large Fillings

These fillings are smaller in size, so we used a composite (plastic filling).

Restoration of Aged/Worn Dentition

Before and after photos of worn down teeth being restored. The missing teeth were replaced with a Valplast partial.